The translation process can usually begin on the day of the commission and with shorter translations the complete and proofread document can often be delivered to the customer during the same working day. However, it is worth noting that translating is a time-consuming activity and it is rare that a good translation is delivered under pressure from the clock.

Authorised translations
An ‘authorised translation’ refers to a legally valid translation approved by an authorised translator (previously known as ‘official translator’ and ‘sworn translator’).
An authorised translator, in turn, is a person, who has been granted the right to authorise translations as legally valid [law concerning authorised translations (1231/2007), Council of State act (1232/2007)].

If you are unsure whether your translation should be authorised, or whether a translation without an official validation is sufficient, our team will be happy to help you with this particular, or any other query you may have.

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